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10 Reasons to Never Visit San Pancho

You may encounter jungly creatures, including strolling iguanas

Mexican spiny tailed iguana

At Casa Mar Azul, we do everything possible to create the feeling you’re living in your own personal resort. However, like anywhere, some things in San Pancho are out of our control. 

If these will ruin your vacation, then San Pancho may not be for you:

  1. Possible encounters with jungly creatures from teensy ants to strolling iguanas
  2. Loud surf, deep-throated bird calls
  3. Unpredictable beach and surf conditions
  4. Hot, humid summers (June-October) with spleen-pulverizing thunderstorms; occasional chilly spells in late December-January when you want to wear a fleece at night
  5. Construction noise, workers’ ranchero music, rumbling trucks
  6. During Christmas-through-Easter, challenges for driving and parking in town, getting restaurant reservations
  7. In town, thumping music at night; loudspeaker vehicles selling shrimp, brooms or political candidates; roosters crowing at all hours
  8. Occasional power outages, WiFi outages, rough roads with pot holes and speed bumps
  9. ATMs run out of pesos 
  10. You’ll fall head-over-heels in love with San Pancho, buy a house, and never return home.

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Mexican spiny tailed iguana
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