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Mar Plata is San Pancho’s top celebration restaurant

5 Best “Date Night” Restaurants in San Pancho

For a small pueblo, San Pancho offers an extraordinary number of delightful places to eat.
We call these “date night” restaurants.

Lunch can be a quick bite between activities or a leisurely indulgence

Where to Eat in San Pancho: Lunch

Lunch can be a quick bite between activities, or a leisurely indulgence possibly followed by a siesta. No matter your choice, you’ll enjoy a delicious meal.

Where to Eat in San Pancho: Breakfast

Start your day with breakfast at a sidewalk table or in a tropical courtyard. Dress code? Flip flops, shorts and your favorite tee.

It would be a splendid gift to yourself to stay at least eleven days to fully relax and rejuvenate. Casa Mar Azul photo
Casa Mar Azul San Pancho Vacation Rental_Mexico dancers
Circo de los Niños encourages the artistic, technical and personal development of more than 100 local children and teens by teaching them circus disciplines and performing arts
"Fifty-Four Reasons to Love San Pancho" by Bridges and Balloons
Entreamigos translates to "among friends." You are welcome to explore, shop, eat—and volunteer!
Choose among three beach restaurants located at the end of Av. Tercer Mundo, where turtle hatchlings are released nearby at sunset (seasonal). Dibble Photography photo